Non-surgical Fat Reduction Treatment in Philadelphia


truBody Fat Reduction Muscle Sculpting in Philadelphia Ari Blanc Medical Spa


Personalized Fat Reduction & Muscle Sculpting

truBody is a customizable treatment to reduce fat and build muscle. truBody combines the power of two complementary devices – truSculpt iD and truSculpt flex – to maximize results and help you achieve your body goals faster.

Go Beyond Your Best with truBody

In the quest for the perfect balance between reducing fat and toning muscle, truBody emerges as a pioneering solution, pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable through diet and exercise alone. This innovative approach combines two proven technologies: truSculpt and truFlex. Together, they unlock your untapped potential, allowing you to transcend your limits and redefine your body’s capabilities.

truBody is more than just a treatment; it’s a transformational experience that pairs the fat-reduction prowess of truSculpt with the muscle-toning capabilities of truFlex. This duo works synergistically to sculpt and refine your physique, providing a customized, convenient solution with complete results.

truSculpt | Fat Reduction

truSculpt employs cutting-edge technology to target and eliminate fat cells in stubborn areas. This non-invasive method not only reduces fat but also enhances the skin’s appearance, offering a dual benefit that goes beyond traditional fat reduction techniques.

Ideal for those close to their weight goals but struggling with resistant fat pockets, truSculpt is a safe and effective option for achieving a more sculpted silhouette.

truFlex | Muscle Sculpting

On the other side of the truBody equation is truFlex, a technology designed to strengthen and tone muscles through intensive, targeted contractions. It’s akin to an intense workout, but without the sweat and strain, offering a streamlined path to enhanced muscle definition.

Whether you’re looking to boost core strength, firm your buttocks, or tone your arms and legs, truFlex provides a tailored approach to muscle enhancement.

  • 15-minute treatment options
  • 24% average fat reduction in 1 treatment
  • 30% increase in muscle mass
  • A complete body sculpting treatment in 30 minutes
  • Results in as little as one treatment
  • 3 different muscle sculpting modes, equivalent to 5 different exercises
  • Real-time temperature control for consistent results •Equivalent to 54,000 contracts per session
  • No BMI restrictions
  • Safe on all skin types
  • FDA cleared
  • Customized treatments that can sculpt challenging areas, large and small
  • No downtime and can immediately resume to everyday activities
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Unlock Your Ultimate Body Transformation

TruBody is more than just a treatment; it’s a tailored journey to the best version of yourself. Whether it’s targeting eight areas simultaneously with no downtime or offering three distinctive treatment modes that replicate intensified gym workouts, truBody is here to redefine the standards of body perfection.

Personalized & Selective

Tailored treatments match your fitness level, body shape, goals and lifestyle, targeting both small and large muscle groups for the ultimate customized experience and optimized outcomes.

Unmatched Results

Combining TruSculpt’s fat reduction with TruFlex’s muscle toning for visible, lasting changes.

Eight Areas, One Session

Simultaneously target multiple muscle groups precisely, with no downtime required.

Three Dynamic Treatment Modes

Experience workouts like never before, with modes that replicate intensified twisting, squatting, and crunching actions.

Comfort and Convenience

Non-invasive treatments with no downtime, allowing you to return to your daily activities immediately.

Personalized Body Sculpting FAQ

Beyond Limits, Beyond Goals

With truBody, you're not just changing your appearance; you're embracing a lifestyle where limits are redefined, and goals are surpassed. It's time to flex your muscles, and look and feel your absolute best. Welcome to the future of body transformation. Welcome to TruBody fat reduction and muscle sculpting in Philadelphia.