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Professional Dermaplaning and using an at-home tinkle razor are two completely different methods of shaving the face. Let’s break down what purpose each one serves and decide the better option!

Starting with Tinkle razors, these are small, colorful, plastic razors that most of us have for small touch ups and eyebrow shaping. You can buy these at most convenient or beauty supply stores and they’re made to be safe for at home-use. With it being available to be purchased by the general public, the blade of a Tinkle razor won’t be extremely sharp, and there’s no way of ensuring the blades aren’t being reused, which increases the risk of infection. 

Now onto Dermaplaning, this is an exfoliation service performed by a trained licensed professional. These professionals use a sterile, surgical scalpel to gently remove vellus hair, dead skin cells, and built-up debris sitting on the skin’s surface. This service improves skin texture, product absorption, and creates a smooth canvas for makeup application, making it a perfect service before a big event. 

Overall, Tinkle razors are ok for quick at-home clean ups, but to achieve softer, brighter skin, leaving it up to a professional is the way to go!